Saturday, September 28, 2013


I'm so excited.  It's that time of year again when the air gets crisp and starts to smell delicious. That spicy flavor hangs in the air like smoke, smelling of warm baking and things like cinnamon or nutmeg. I love the fall. 

Not to mention the blessing of daylight savings when the kids go to bed more readily,  and waking up in the morning is feels more productive because time had allowed it to be.

But my favorite thing?  Conference is approaching and I get to hear more inspired words from the prophet and apostles of today.  I love conference weekend because it brings a special family togetherness and a beautiful spirit and I am fed.
I used to wonder at other people who could conjur up a talk from a previous conference from memory. But as I have begun reviewing talks on a regular basis I find myself doing this and it feels so good to have these things in my mind.  Study is so important and helps so much.  I love listening to conference talks year round from and I'm so thankful for the technology available so I can do that!  I now have an app on my phone so I can listen to them anytime and anywhere!  It's wonderful! 

I can't wait.  Brace yourselves for my thoughts to come.  :)