Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Introducing LLL and R

I was given a challenge on my birthday this year.

Recognize the Lord's daily kindnesses and record them so I can remember.

"...record the Lord's tender mercies. Remember what President Eyring said: 'I realized that trying to remember had allowed God to show me what He had done...My point is to urge you to find ways to recognize and remember God's kindness. It will build our testimonies.'"

So after beginning to do this in a little notepad I was given, I decided I should share some of it with the world too.

But not just stuff about faith. Stuff about just day-to-day survival in a world of chaos. So I will strive to record a thought each day if I can about something I've learned, something I've gained, a blessing I've noticed, or just a helpful thing I've read.

The posts on this blog are going to be more brief then my other blogs have been. At least lets hope it will be. :)

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