Wednesday, May 16, 2012

The Priesthood

I recently picked up the conference issue of the Ensign that just came out, and randomly opened it up, deciding to read whatever talk I turned to first.

This was it, and I so appreciated it.  When I first began reading I didn't think I was going to get anything that new.  After all, isn't the priesthood something that doesn't concern me so much, besides the fact that I should be supportive?  Well, reading this talk made me change my mind.

These words struck me closely.  I never really knew what it meant to "be supportive" to priesthood holders.  I've heard people say it means to give them the opportunity to use their priesthood by asking for blessings and things, but I didn't realize it's more than that.

I should look at my husband differently.  Because he is a priesthood holder, he is different and special.  I should look at him and treat him with a special respect because of the holy power he has been given.  Supporting the priesthood means seeing him as a man with that gift, and wanting to tap into it whenever I can.  Also, it means encouraging him in every moment to feel worthy of that power.  It made my love for him feel a bit more transformed.  It never ceases to amaze me how love can keep growing and changing through the years.

Then further, I was thinking about my boys.  When they grow older they should understand this as well; so when they receive the priesthood they will know that they are different and, in turn, should act differently.

I am so grateful for conference talks and the clarity they bring when you are seeking the words of God.