Monday, February 6, 2012

Corny Muffins

Growing up, I used to love using this metaphor about friends that my closest friends were my muffins because they were baked in the same pan a me.

The metaphor was cute and well-intended but I have since realized how closed-minded I became when I thought this way.  I would categorized my friends and that is never a good thing. Sadly, I once even told someone I love that they were not one of my muffins.

This unequal frame of mind is not uncommon. Most people may not give it such a cute name, but everyone is guilty of discluding others at some time.

As I contemplated this metaphor something entered my mind.  We are nit all baked in the same pan. Some people are very different from others. But we are all made from the same batter. (I know this is corny...bear with me.) Some of us are over cooked or under cooked and wouldn't even know it if we never expanded our vision to those baked in other pans.

So I was thinking about this in a spiritual sense too. Knowing that we are all God's children, we need to see each other in the way He sees us. W are not all equal. Not really. We are all different, with different strengths and weaknesses. But we are all divinely worth the same. That worth is infinite!

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