Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Every Good Thing

I was contemplating how to receive revelation recently and thought about how if I am always gratefully acknowledging the Lord's hand in my life that is one way to keep a prayer in my heart and always have His spirit with me.

Then I expanded upon that, every good thing that I do or say, every good thing that comes from me, really comes from Him.  I am doing His work when I do good in the world.

This thought finally clarified something I was taught as a teenage and never could quite grasp.

We all knew that Christ created the world. It was Jesus Christ who, together with Michael, created everything.  But then a Young Women leader over my stake once told us that we needed to clarify that Heavenly Father indeed created the world through Jesus Christ.  I didn't know what she meant by that.

Now I think it makes sense.

Jesus Christ was doing his Father's will. Heavenly Father created the world through Christ's hands in the same way He shows his mighty works and wonders through His children's hands on earth today. As we do His work, we are His hands.

Suddenly I have Jewel playing in my head..."We are...God's hands...We are...God's hands..."  :)


I receive His guidance when I am willing to submit to His will for me, instead of asking only for what I want.  I must submit and allow Him to guide me in His plan for me.  That is all.

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