Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Fitting it in...

It is encouraging to me how there is always a way to manage fitting Family Home Evening into my daily schedule, even when we are busy. I just have to look for it. Because my kids are so young, it doesn't have to be anything elaborate. This week my husband was very busy with service projects after work and then he had to go to Boy Scouts directly after dinner. So we did Family Home Evening during dinner.

I read one scripture from my FHE jar (which has a bunch of strips of paper in it with suggested topics and scriptures for Family Home Evening) and it was about the gifts God gives each of us and how we are all blessed with different gifts and talents. We then talked about each person in our family and what they are good at. I cut out a big heart from construction paper for each member of our family and we listed those gifts on each heart and taped it to our back sliding door. Now it's a reminder to us and it was so fun and didn't take too long so my husband was there for the whole thing.

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