Thursday, June 23, 2011

More Peaceful Nights

My boys love to get up over and over after we've settled them into bed and it was really getting frustrating! More then once I've turned into a monster at bedtime because I've gotten so frustrated! There was one time I even decided to hide outside the bedroom door and when I heard my little one getting out of bed, I quickly opened the door and growled like the scariest creature alive! It scared him out of his skin...but that was all I accomplished by doing that. And it also succeeded in making me feel terrible!

But this year we started a new tradition. It's been such a life saver ever since I decided to start reading scriptures every night at bedtime. Not only does it keep them in bed until they are either asleep or relaxed enough to stay in bed to go to sleep, but it also keeps the spirit in my heart so I feel better too! No more evenings of frustration and then regret for being horrible. Instead, I have a nice bedtime routine of pajamas, stories, teeth-brushing, bedtime prayers, and scripture reading. Sweet peace!

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  1. I can tell that I'm going to learn a lot about myself after reading your posts in this blog. Thanks Dani! Hope all is well with your little gang :)